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MPT Group has engaged with Active Heads, over the past 4 months, to build on our already innovative and exciting work culture! Like Active Heads, we believe that if you invest in yourself and your employees, they will invest in your business!

Active Heads is a mobile health and wellness company that aims to empower individuals to take control of their mind and body by incorporating fitness into their work life. Since engaging with Active Heads, we have found a significant reduction in general stress levels and a profound improvement in employee wellness, day to day performance and stamina and ultimately, client satisfaction.

Active Heads makes training easy! The highly qualified, educated and experienced coaches come to you and are suitable for small to medium businesses. Michael, owner, founder and head Performance Coach of Active Heads, has an Exercise Science background and experience working with elite athletes in the Victorian Football League (VFL).

If you want to follow in our footsteps and take you and your business to the next level, then contact [email protected] or call 0411 846 546.


Testimonials from MPT:

 “Engaging with Active Heads has been a positive investment to my business, given that it has boosted staff morale, performance and helped me personally be the best version of myself so I can give more to my clients each day. I could not recommend this service highly enough, especially to those who share similar values. Of note, this expense is considered a business expense, just to keep in mind, I am always looking for a tax saving 😉.”

George (Managing Director)

“Training with Active Heads has become a routine and the favourite part to my day. Michael sets challenging and rewarding routines allowing us to reach new performance goals each week, whilst listening to music, having fun and being in the elements of the outdoors. Supervising our exercise and mentoring us to go further, Michael provides me with the motivation and the ability mentally and physical function at a higher level. Given how busy we are on a daily basis, the fact that he can come to us is a huge bonus!”

– Penny (Chief Operating Officer)

 “Michael’s training sessions are something I look forward to every Monday and Wednesday after work. Not only does it provide an outlet from my daily life, I enjoy the variety and different challenges Michael sets us every week. It never becomes a routine workout. Not only do I find myself feeling fitter and stronger physically, the mental and emotional benefit has provided me with much clarity to face the next day.”

Andrea (Senior Client Advisor)

“The sessions are both challenging and rewarding, and we are encouraged to not only build our endurance and strength, but also our grit and resilience. Michael manages to balance pushing us to do and achieve more, without being a stickler about it. He is caring, motivating and understanding, taking the time to not only focus on us individually during sessions but also outside of sessions whether it be by email or on the phone. I can’t speak highly enough of Active Heads and Michael.”

– Miles (Client Advisor)

“Michael is very punctual and motivates his clients to get the best out of them so that they can squeeze every bit of energy out of their bodies. He also uses an individualised approach and will spend additional time to tailor the program to meet our specific requirements.”

– Dario (Senior Client Advisor)

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